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Saturday, August 1, 2015

People bathing in donkey blood, 80,000 witches in Swaziland, and a national food shortage

Reading the newspaper in Swaziland is shocking, heart breaking and disheartening MOST of the time.  Rarely is there a story of good news, good people or hope.

It is rare that a day goes by where there is not a news report of a rape.  Rape is so common in Swaziland that the newspapers really only report the most shocking ones, like children being raped, old Grandmothers being raped or a 60-year old Pastor raping his own Granddaughter for years.  Rape is an epidemic in Swaziland, and it is not the only African country where that is a true statement.

This issue of rape and other Gender Based Violence (GBV) has really got me worked up. I have started taking photos every time I see an article in the paper about the topic and have set up meeting with people in high levels of government, the Royal family and other NGO’s dealing with this issue.  I have nothing to report on it yet, but please pray for me as I journey down a path to help girls and women in Swaziland. It’s not okay with me that this is happening.

But not all the news is about rape, we also have a Pastor here who is teaching his congregants to eat grass, live snakes and even drink petrol in order to gain power and strength.  Last week there was a family killing a donkey and covering themselves with the blood of the donkey so that they could be cleansed.  Then there is the “normal” news including a message from the Deputy Prime Ministers office announcing that the country is facing a “Food Shortage Disaster”.

I don’t have a point to this blog really, other than to ask for prayer for our beloved Swaziland.  There is a lot of darkness and evil here, as there is everywhere in the world.  Sin is sin. Darkness is darkness.  But sometimes articles that claims there are 80,000 witches/warlocks in Swaziland (with a population of just under one million people) can put ones hair up on end.

Thank you for loyally reading this blog and for the love and support shown to us each and every week.  This would all be too much with your prayers and commitment to be alongside us.

Live from Swaziland … just keepin’ it real.


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  1. Scarcity is the most common problem of the society now a days due to poor government, graft and corruption. In able to supress this kind of problem we should do a move and help hand in hand .Also, we should always be open-minded in any situations.


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