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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Does God care about the holes in the bottom of her shoes?

The People Mover
For four years everyone had to walk to work at Project Canaan.  It took some people as short as 2 hours and some as long as 2.5 hours.  When they tried cutting across neighbors properties they were threatened with bush knives, guns and even had threats of death if they trespassed again, and so they walked the long route.

In the winter (May – August) the sun comes up at 6AM and goes down at 5:30PM so the walk to be at work at 7AM and leave at 4PM is mostly done in the dark.   The roads coming to Project Canaan are not safe for women walking alone and not safe to anyone walking in the dark, but still, they walked to and from work because they were employed in a country where there is as high as a 70% unemployment rate.

One day in 2013 a group of women from an organization called WLA within the US Bank came to visit us and they saw the people walking to and from work.  They met a 62-year old Grandmother named Mona Lisa and learned that she not only walked 5-hours each day, but then cared for 8 Grandchildren when she got home. Within a few months these amazing women raised funds for us to buy a big open truck that we call the “People Mover”. 

From 2013 the “People mover” traveled 107 miles per day, making three trips each way to both of our local communities, transporting 280 people to and from work.  It was life-changing providing an extra 5-hours every day for them to help their children with homework, prepare meals and provide protection.

But then it stopped. It broke down.  The harsh roads and heavy loads caused the broken clutch power cylinder, oil slinger and oil seal it has been down for several weeks, while we await one of the parts that is being sent from JAPAN so that it can be fixed.

The people are walking to and from work again and we pray for their safety every day. 

But here is a REALLY cool part of the story.

Last Friday morning one of the Aunties went to Helen and showed her the holes in the bottom of her shoes that were now being worn down during the long walks.  She shared how tired she was when she got home to her seven children after looking after children all day.  Helen looked at her and told her that the 5-hour walk to and from work was a wonderful time for her to be praying for the babies at Project Canaan, praying for all the people who work here and, while she’s at it, pray for a new pair of shoes.

God does care about the hole in your shoes Gcebile.
On the following Monday morning Teri and Morgan McClure arrived at Project Canaan and the first question Teri asked Helen was if she would be able to buy each of the Aunties a new pair of shoes to bless them. They didn’t know the People Mover was not working, they hadn’t seen the holes in that Aunties’ shoes, but she felt prompted to go and buy them all shoes!  

Thank you Teri and Morgan from Gugu and all 51 Caregivers who received shoes.

Khosie and Mcebo with their new shoes.

Helen squealed with delight, as only Helen can do, and she clapped her hands and said, “That is GOD!  It is God who is providing shoes to the Aunties who are caring for His children.” 

Yes, He is our provider, and gives each of us the opportunity to be used by Him, for His glory. 

Thank you Helen for always pointing people to Him.  Thank you Teri, Morgan and ALL the people who bring the perfect gifts at the perfect time.  May the Lord continue to bless you in a mighty way.

Live from Swaziland … praying for protection for our workers and our People Mover to be fixed soon!


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