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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Our kids crack me up

At the end of each semester we reward the children who have done really well in school by publicly recognizing them on stage at church and then inviting them to our house for a special evening.   This past week we had 25 children from Kindergarten and Primary school up for pizza, Fanta orange ice cream floats and an episode of Planet Earth. (Slurping is allowed at this party).

While they were eating their pizza we asked them to share with us what they liked best about school.  I thought you would enjoy some of their answers.

Emmanuel: I like Science because we learned about Benjamin Franklin.
Me: What did you learn about Benjamin Franklin?
Emmanuel: He invented electricity.
Me: Where do we use electricity at your house?
Emmanuel: For the electric fence.

Yes, indeed we do have an electric fence around the children’s campus. But I might have thought he would say the TV or lights?

Leah: I liked learning about Community helpers.
Me:  What is a Community helper?
Leah:  It’s people who help other people, like Doctors, nurses, Firemen, Police.  Good people who like to help.
Me:  Good answer.

Ben:  Who was the first child to come to Project Canaan?
Me:  It was Joshua.
Ben:  So then when did Spencer and Chloe come?

The kids were looking in our bedroom window to see if they could see Linda-honey (the cat) under the bed.  One of them asked me if that was my bed?  I said yes. Another asked where Ian slept?  I said that he sleeps there too. What??  All the children whip their heads and looked at me with eyes as big as saucers!  I explained that we are married and when a man and a woman get married then they sleep in the same bed.  Emmanuel then said to everyone, “And they have been married a very long time.”  😂

Me:  Deborah, did you lose another front tooth?
Deborah:  Yes.
Me:  Where did it go?
Deborah:  In the trash.

(There is no tooth fairy at Project Canaan).

I often find myself sitting with Margie or Shongwe or Allen and just cracking up about the things the kids say.  They talk A LOT, ask a million questions and are trying to figure out life.  It’s a joy to be a part of their journey and to be able to love their individual personalities.

A few weeks ago I tried a marketing experiment to see if any of you would be interested in buying an avocado keychain from Khutsala Artisans and in return we would plant an avocado tree on Project Canaan. The experiment was a success and we have the funds to plant 500 avocado trees!  So we are doing it again, this time we want to plant 250 bananas and 250 papayas.  We also want to plant shade trees around the children’s campus as the African sun is very hot and we live in the bush with very few trees.  If you buy our brand new “Rooted in LOVE” t-shirt, we will plant a shade tree in your honor.  If you buy a banana or papaya keychain we will plant a fruit tree in your honor.  Mother’s Day is coming up – perhaps this would be a great Mother’s Day gift for all the mothers in your life.  

You can shop today at:

Have a blessed weekend.

Live from Pretoria, South Africa … it’s Starbucks time!


PS - as a special treat for reading to the end, here is a cute video of the kids getting in to position for their "Rooted in LOVE" video. Yes, Bryan does have them practice before a photo!


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