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Saturday, February 2, 2019

What's love got to do with it?

I realize that my last three blogs have been very heavy, filled with children dying, children infected with HIV and Tuberculosis and just generally bad news, so I thought I would send a lighter message today. (Thanks for sticking with me through the hard ones).

Yesterday we received a sweet little boy who was only 3-days-old.  We are calling him Nathi (pronounced “Nah-tee”).  He comes from a very sad family situation that I cannot share publicly, but suffice it to say that his Grandmother cared enough to intervene and begged Social Welfare for help, and they in turn came to us. We pray that his body will be healed and his life will be changed forever by coming to the El Roi Baby home.

In fact, that is what we pray for all our children when they first arrive, and we have seen sadness turn to joy, brokenness turn to healing and fear turn to peace, all through the power of love.

Today I want to share a “before and after” photo of two children who came to us broken, but are now whole and both children need to be sponsored on a monthly basis.

Meet Jabez and Christine.  Both came in broken, hurting and needing acute medical attention and lots of love.  You can see the pure joy that comes from the depth of their souls in the “after” photo. 
Jabez January 2019

Jabez April 2016
Christine January 2019
Christine May 2015

February is Valentine’s Day month and a month filled with heart-shaped everything. It is a month that we are reminded to love one another and celebrate love.   This morning I had five children come up to me and excitedly remind me that February was also their birthday month, and how many more sleeps until it was their birthday (yes, even Joshua, Michael, Matthew and Malachi who celebrate on February 28th!).   They are oblivious to the money that will be spent on flowers, chocolates, special meals and other lovely gifts this month to celebrate love.   What these children do know is that they are loved each and every day and that they will get a birthday cake on their special day.

Love, medical care and birthday cake all costs money and that is why we specifically focus on Child Sponsorship during the month of February. We have many children who need sponsorship.  Will you consider giving $10 per month?  $30 per month?  $100 per month? Or any amount that you can to help us continue to welcome children to our home on Project Canaan. Perhaps you can choose a child who shares the same name as a loved one and sponsor them in honor of that person?  Or sponsor a child as part of your Valentine's gift to a loved one this year?

I can't thank you enough for YOUR love and support.

Live from eSwatini … praying for child sponsors from all over the world.


PS -  I have heard that some subscribers are no longer getting this blog by email. I had changed the title to "Live from eSwatini" instead of "Live from Swaziland", and it seems to have caused problems. I have changed it back but if you are still not getting it by email, you may need to unsubscribe and subscribe again. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

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