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Saturday, February 16, 2019

This week ...

This week we received three babies – two newborns and a 14-month-old who is the size of a 4-month-old, weighing 12 pounds.  One newborn was the result of rape/incest, one newborn came from a severely mentally disabled woman and one from a young lady who lives on the street and her baby was starving to death.
Baby Cheri
This week Rick Cogbill and our Canadian friends from the Mercy Tech Mission were busy training our mechanics, teaching our welders, a millwright is here training on our milling machine and steel lathe and another man is helping put a plan together to fix our roads.

This week Pete Wilkerson, a landscape architect from SCAPES LANDSCAPES in Georgia was here to locate and clear the locations of seven buildings that we will build in the next three years.  He trudged through bush in the rain, directed hand slashing and taught some basic pruning and trimming techniques so that our property looks beautiful.

The clearing at the bottom of the photo is where the next Oasis building will go (Emseni #2 Campus)
This week we had a flock of 2.200 laying hens arrive, which will start laying eggs soon that will be hard-boiled and fed to orphans and vulnerable children throughout the country through our 30 church partners. We also had 3 calves birthed at the dairy.  

This week our Pre-kindergarten class went on a field trip, our toddlers went on walks, and 2.5-year-old, Stephen, took his first few steps (something that we didn’t know would ever happen!).

Our Khutsala Artisans were busy making new product, including beautiful new cardinals and the ever-popular unicorns and Llama keychains, ornaments and 3D animals are underway (you can pre-order for a March delivery at  They are stunning!

This week we kicked off our adult learning sessions for our staff who cannot read or write. There are three different groups; one in the nearby community of Gebeni, one in the nearby community of Sigcineni and one here on PC - all taught by Swazi volunteers from Project Canaan who commit to 6 hours of teaching every week for a whole year!  It is a government program that we are implementing here and it is called Sebenta.

Ncobile is my favorite Sebenta teacher :)
This week was a typical week – lots going on, lots of moving parts, lots of love needed and lots of love received in all of our departments by lots of people.  We now have 222 children living at Project Canaan and they need a lot of love.  February is Child Sponsorship month - will you help us show them love by sponsoring a child this month?  You will be blessed beyond measure.

Live from eSwatini … watching love conquer all.


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