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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Mom sex trafficked her own daugher

This week I spent two days in a Swazi courtroom, praying for a young woman who had to testify in open court that her own mother forced her to have sex with strangers for money.  The girl’s mother sat just 25 feet away across the room from the girl, with arms crossed, glare in her eyes and enough attitude to fill the room.

The girl was terrified and could hardly be heard as she whispered her story through a cracked voice in her mother tongue – Shangani.  The interpreter would then translate the African language in to English and the High Court judge would write down every word of both questions and answers (there is no court stenographer).  At times the details were so painful that the interpreter herself found it hard to speak without showing her own emotion.

At 16-years-old this girl was ripped from her home in a foreign country and smuggled in to Swaziland through a fence in the Swazi bush.  Her mother would take her to bars, ply her with alcohol and then sell her for the night to a stranger (always a white man) for R200 ($14 US).  If she tried to refuse she would be beaten or not given food for three days.

I have known this young girl for many years now and thought that I had heard her whole story, but alas, my jaw dropped time and time again as she squeaked out her testimony for the world to hear as though she was using her last breath of air to do so.  She was ashamed, embarrassed and afraid, and the world was listening.

How does a human being sex traffic another human being?  How does a biological MOTHER sell her own daughter to perverted men who will pay for sex with an underage girl? 

The legislation that made human trafficking a crime in Swaziland only became legislation in 2009.  It was only three years later in 2012 that the Child Protection Act became law in Swaziland – the same year that we moved here.  We all hear and read about human trafficking and while the problem is growing globally, I fear that the people of the world may be getting tired of hearing about it and have grown numb to the pain that so many are suffering.

Yesterday's newspaper article about the case.
This week was a hard week for me with my trust broken again by another office break-in on Project Canaan.  Then my heart was shredded into a million pieces by listening to a girl, who is the same age as Chloe, share her two-year journey in hell.

The court adjourned after she was finished testifying and will resume in December. Until then there is no closure, no healing and more fear.  Please join me in praying for justice for this victim and for victims around the world. Please pray for healing and forgiveness that can only come through Jesus. Please pray for courage and strength for everyone fighting darkness every day. 

Live from Swaziland … Come Lord Jesus, come.  



  1. My 4-year-old granddaughter likes to pray for "other countries" when we pray. I will tell her (no details) about this special girl and we will pray for her.

  2. This happens all over the world, also in Europe and in America. R200 is a lot of money, never convert it back into your own currency. Further black men won't pay R200,- but they pay in one bottle of coke. Go to Francis Town in Botswana where at Mama's place, a cross road for truckers, is a snack bar and a brothel. The place where HIV is spread through out Southern Africa. But in Botswana there are big billboards warning people about HIV.