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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Would you like to come and join us by the fire?


For the past eight years, Ian and I have traveled from Africa in October to spend the month in the US and Canada raising money through speaking events and galas.  This annual trip kicks off our year-end giving campaign, which is critical to the health and existence of Heart for Africa and Project Canaan. 


This year we were not able to make that journey to see friends and family with borders closed and planes grounded, and we all know that it is almost impossible for large gatherings to happen safely.  But our Heart for Africa US team has gotten creative and figured out a way to do several things:  host a live event for 75 people at the Legacy Theater in Alpharetta, Georgia AND bring us all together on a virtual platform that will allow us to at still celebrate hope together from around the world.


So here is my invitation to you - on Thursday, October 22nd at 7:00 PM EST please join us with pe9ple from all over the US to Celebrate HOPE together.  This is a very important fundraiser, so we are asking you to make a $50 donation to receive the link to join us. Ian and I will take you on a virtual tour of Project Canaan, just as if you were here in Eswatini with us, going from department to department, meeting our Supervisors and children and getting to see a bit more of life on Project Canaan. We know it’s not as good as doing it in person, but we hope it will be the next best thing, and we hope you will come. Unfortunately, due to US and Canadian charity laws, we are only US credit cards are able to be used on this platform. If you are Canadian and want to join this event, please email  We will have a Canadian event in a few weeks that will be very similar in content.


Even if you aren’t able to join us on Thursday, you can easily bid on some really fun silent auction items, like a really beautiful Checkers board made on Project Canaan.  The board is made from dark and light bloodwood and the game pieces are hand rolled ceramic SwaziMUD.  Also available is a dinner for four people our house in Eswatini, with Ian’s delicious beef and ostrich steaks cooked to perfection, with farm fresh vegetables and South African wine, all while enjoying an African sunset.  You can also bid on 30-minute Zoom video calls with Ian on the farm, me at the children’s campus or Amber and her teachers at the Project Canaan Academy.  There is even a fireside chat for you and five friends/family with Ian and me at our home in Eswatini, including delicious South African wine and cheese and a beautiful charcuterie board to take home.


These are unusual times, and we have to approach them with fresh ideas and the knowledge that the Lord will provide for His children through His people.


If you are not able to join us, and/or aren’t interested in our auction items, you are welcome to click on the link and make a donation to help us continue the work in Eswatini. Just yesterday we received a newborn baby who was put in a plastic bag at birth and dropped in a pit latrine (outdoor toilet).  A neighbor noticed a strange sound as he urinated into the toilet and called his wife to bring a stick to pull the plastic bag out. They were shocked to find a wet and bloody newborn baby in the bag. This little 4-pound boy was saved and is now safe at Project Canaan, and will be with us for the next 18-21 years. That is our commitment to each and every child who is placed with us through the Social Welfare department of Eswatini.  There will be children living here and being saved long after Ian and I are gone, so we need more people around the world to know about our work and support us.


Thank you for reading this blog each week, and for sharing our mission with your friends and family. It takes a very large village to raise 273+ children!


If you want to join our Celebrate Hope Gala, please click here.


If you want to see our fun auction items, please click here.


If you want to make a donation, please click here.


Live from Eswatini …praying for continued favor.



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