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Saturday, November 23, 2019

65 children moved today

Today is a big day for the children at Project Canaan. Every house has children leaving and new children coming in. Rosalie moved from Kuthula Place to the El Roi Baby home and eight babies moved up to the toddler home (and boy, are they ready to move!). 

Eight toddlers will leave the lower campus and move up to Emseni #1.  Then 12 little girls will move to Emseni #3 and four little boys will move to Emseni #2 (both from Emseni #1).  Three boys left Emseni #2  and moved up with the big boys at Emseni #4, and 28 big girls will move from Emseni #3 to the brand new, and beautiful Emseni #5!

Kuthula place now is home to 12 babies (4-days-old to 6-months-old).  The El Roi Baby home is now home to 38 babies (6-months to 18-months).  The Toddler home is now home to 41 x 2-year-olds and there are 163 children living up on the Emseni Campus. 

We received two new babies this week, both boys, both from tragic situations.  One of the boys was born on Tuesday and left in the forest, only to be found by strangers and taken to the police. The other baby is 2-months-old and his mother strangled his 3-year-old sister and dumped her body in to a pit latrine (outhouse), only to be found 8-months later.  Just when I think I have heard it all, a new story comes to us.

While we thoroughly enjoyed our 30-day trip to North America, I can’t adequately express how good it is to be home!  There is nothing like being mobbed by the sweetest little boys and girls and hearing stories from the older kids of things we missed.

We will be welcoming our last volunteer team of the year on Monday. They will be here to help us put up our Christmas tree, decorate the dining hall, ice cookies and wrap Christmas pajamas for our children.  Would you consider joining us next year at this time to celebrate HOPE with the children and staff at Project Canaan? There is no time like the present to start saving and planning! 

Don’t forget to check out for your Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping!  We have lots of beautiful new product that helps us continue to employee artisans and give them a hope for their future.

Live from Eswatini … Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends!


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