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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Baby #237 and #238 (what were we thinking?)

Yesterday marked the 10th Anniversary of when we officially dedicated the land which we now call “Project Canaan” and “home”.  I just can’t believe that it has been 10 years!  So much has been accomplished in such a short time, which is a testament to God, and Him alone.  Without Him, none of this would be possible. 

We are busy preparing for the official 10th Anniversary celebration in only three short weeks, which means children are in daily rehearsals, the amphitheater is under construction (fingers crossed for completion!) and new people are joining the guest list every day.  I feel an excitement that is unexplainable and just yesterday I was saying that I feel like I am on a sugar rush because my body is overly stimulated with all that is going on. 

Never in our wildest imaginations did we think that 10 years after dedicating the land that we would be raising 238 children (under the age of 9) and responsible for 300+ employees.  What we did know was that this was a “Promised land”, and while it looked like bush to everyone else around us (many who did not support or believe in the vision), it looked like a place of hope to us.  And that is what it is today.

Yesterday we received two more children, both in desperate need.  One just turned 2-years-old last week and her baby sister is 8-months-old. They were living in a tent in a very rural area (it was 8C/46F last night) with no heater and no food.  There had been many reports of neglect, and then Social Welfare stepped in to rescue the children.  It’s always a bitter sweet day when we receive a child. It’s sad knowing the situation/conditions that the child is coming from, but great knowing that they are coming to a place of safety, love and hope.  It’s sad that they are not with their biological family, but wonderful that they are in the family that God has placed them in “for such a time as this”.  I too was fortunate to be placed in a loving home where the trajectory of my life changed, all because my biological mother put me up for adoption.  I am here in Africa because of her decision, and I am thankful for that.

Our friend Cissy Watson holding new arrival "Cissy".

Auntie Gcebile holding new arrival "Candy".

These two girls are babies #237 and #238, and at times I stop and find myself asking the question "What were we thinking? This is crazy!"  But I know the answer is that we weren't thinking, we were just listening and being obedient, and that is always the best plan. 

As we look at the big picture of the past 10 years, we also must keep our eyes on the small details of day-to-day living, and that includes diapers!  Today we are kicking off our annual Diaper & Wipe Drive on Amazon.  This simple initiative allows people from all over the world to join in and be a part of our ever-growing family by just clicking on this link to help us provide care for our babies.  We change 400+ diapers each and every day and use 1,300 wipes. That means we go through 146,000 diapers every year and almost 500,000 wipes!  We are not able to use re-washable diapers because of disease and cross contamination between children.   This campaign helps us reduce our fundraising needs for our babies and also invites people who might not already be involved with Heart for Africa to join the family!

Will you take a moment and buy some diapers or wipes today?  We really need your help!

Thank you for your love and support. 

Live from Eswatini … it’s another busy day in the Kingdom!


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