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Saturday, January 5, 2019

What if He wants to use your boat?

(Yes, this will be the 2019 travel shirt design)

Yes, I completely forgot that today was Saturday until 30-minutes ago!  So sorry for the late post.  Happy New Year!

2019 marks the 10th anniversary of Project Canaan.  We will be hosting a huge celebratory trip from July 12-23rd, which will include a formal celebration chock full of performances and messages from around the world.  We will end the week with a live music concert at the top of HOPE mountain for our visitors and everyone in the surrounding communities.  

It’s hard to believe that it was 10 years ago when we purchased a piece of bush in the middle of nowhere, in a tiny African Kingdom.  Back then the question was “can you even buy land in Swaziland?” and the answer was yes, but it wasn’t easy (or cheap).  While we had a very generous family donate the $1,000,000 US (yes one million dollars) that we needed to buy the land, there were also many naysayers back then who did not agree with or support  the vision.   We even had Board members resign because they didn’t believe in the vision and didn’t’ think it sounded like something God would do.   

It just seemed too crazy, too “out there”, and they knew that neither Ian nor I had any experience in land development, construction, farming or raising sick/diseased orphans (in Canada let alone in Africa).  It did seem crazy, and many days still does seem crazy.

But here we are, almost ten years later, able to clearly see the hand of God on this project with 217 orphaned or abandoned children living here, oh, and WE live here now!  I have a friend who says that our lives here are like reading a continuation of the book of Acts (if were still being written).  I tend to agree with her assessment.

I was listening to a podcast in the car by a Pastor named Steven Furtick. The message was called “There’s a catch”.  There is a point in the message that he is talking about Jesus asking Simon (Peter) if he could get in Simon's boat. That question, and Simon’s affirmative response, changed the trajectory of Simon’s life, but Steven points out that if Simon had said “no”, Jesus would have gotten in to someone else’s boat, and the story would have continued without Simon.  Imagine that?

It’s a new year. Please say yes to allowing Jesus to use your boat when He asks.  Do not be afraid.  The journey will not be as you had planned it to be, and it will likely be fully of challenges and uncertainty, but I promise, it will be a better plan than you could have ever imagined. Our family is living, breathing proof of that truth and promise.

We have a few spaces left for the July trip and if you join us, it will be a trip that you will change your life.  If you have been before, but not in a while, or if you have been following from a distance for a long time, and feel that now is the time to travel, please consider coming and serving with us in July.  You will not regret it. 

To register today, please go to:

Live from the highway to eSwatini …. heading home from a few days in South Africa.


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