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Saturday, October 13, 2018

7 babies in 7 days

This is how we found the 90-year-old Great Grandmother caring for the 19-month-old baby boy
For those of you who read last week’s blog, you would have read that we received baby #200 on the Friday before, and her name is Praise.  What a joyous day of celebration that was!

While you were reading the blog the next day, another baby was brought to us. She is 4-months-old and was left in the forest last Friday night and found by a stranger on Saturday morning. Police started the search for her mother to charge her with child abandonment.  We are calling her Treasure (found in the forest) and she is #201.

On Monday night we were called police to say that they had found Treasure’s 2-year-old brother and they brought him to us as they took the mother to prison for abandoning her baby in the forest. His name is Blessing and he is #202.

On Tuesday AM I drove to Mbabane to pick up a newborn baby whose mother was so traumatized that she tried to abort the baby several times and then threatened to drown the baby upon birth. Her name is Patience and she is #203.

Two hours later on Tuesday morning we were called from another part of the country about an extreme case of malnutrition in a 19-month-old boy who is the size of a 5-month-old. He was living with a 90-YEAR-OLD grandmother who had absolutely nothing to give him.  The photo at the top of this blog is a photo of the boy (left) with our boy Peace on the right. The two of them share the same birthday. You can see the devastating effects of malnutrition in his tiny and sad body. His name is Comfort and he is #204.

These two boys share the exact same birthday.  Peace (left) and severely malnourished new arrival Comfort (right).

On Friday AM we received our 10th set of twins.  They are the 7th and 8th born of a suicidal mother and the first baby was born in a bus stop and a good Samaritan took the mother and baby to the clinic where the second baby was born. Their names are Tabitha and Tamara #205 and #206.

Last week 4,900 people read my blog and only 5 people were moved to sign up to sponsor a child on a monthly basis. Since then we have seven more mouths to feed, seven more lives to pray over (several who are HIV+) and seven lives who need hope for their future. Hundreds of people “liked” the blog or shared it or commented on it, and that is lovely, but it doesn’t feed them, bathe them or help keep them alive.  Honestly, we really need your help. If EVERY person who reads this blog gave $10 monthly we would be in good shape.

Maybe you don’t like the idea of giving monthly, so today I am asking if you would consider giving a one-time gift of $2,700 to FULLY support one of these children for a WHOLE year.

This month we have our US and Canadian Board of Director meetings. If we can’t increase child sponsorship for our children, I know we will be forced to stop receiving children in the very near future. This is not a false threat, it is a reality. If we can’t properly care for them, we have to stop. And nobody wants that, least of all, me.

Please, will you help with just one child today?  Praise? Treasure? Blessing? Comfort? Tabitha? Tamara?

Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world.  Today, I am asking Creator of the Universe to rain down provision for these, HIS children, and encourage those of us who are weary and need to see His hand at work.

Live from Minooka, Illinois … show us your provision Lord.


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