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Saturday, September 22, 2018

I HATE begging

Photo credit Linda Olsen
It’s a rainy Saturday morning here in the Kingdom of eSwatini, and it’s the morning after the country’s General Elections.  The country awaits the results of the polling stations as well as the His Majesty King Mswati III’s appointments of Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Cabinet. There are no guarantees of when His Majesty will make his decisions or announcements, but we wait expectantly.  With a new government comes a new day, one that no one can accurately predict.

Also happening in the Kingdom this morning is a newborn baby boy who needs a home. When I finish writing this blog Ian and I will hop in the car and drive for several hours to pick up a newborn baby boy.  Another tragic case of sexual assault of a young woman, by someone in her own family. There is a common expression for that here “ti bit end lu” - simply, it means “a family secret” and specifically relates to incest.  There is not a week that goes by that I don’t use that expression in one conversation or another. My siSwati isn’t good at all, but my staff and colleagues teach me the important ones, and that is one of them because it’s like a code for what is going on behind closed doors.

This 24-hour-old baby boy will be #199 and next week another newborn is expected, taking us to 200 children that we have committed to for life – they are our children, and yes, they will leave us when they finish school and become productive members of society, but they will always be our children.

We are desperately behind in child sponsorships.  We have had more than 100 people visit in the past few months, and I am praying that some or all of them will find it in their hearts to sponsor a child that they fell in love with. Or those of you who like our many photos on social media or read this blog religiously every week – will you help us today.  Any monthly amount will help us provide for the children who live here. They are clean, well fed, well cared for, but that doesn’t happen without funding. 

We are very close to having to say “no” to more children until our current children are fully funded. I BEG YOU to sponsor a child today by clicking on this link for the US or this link for Canada.  PLEASE - I hate begging.

This is baby Boaz who just arrived home.
I have so much to share each week, but have to limit my blog to a reasonable length so that you will continue to read it and share.  But Ian and I will be in the US and Canada for most of the month of October.  Maybe you would like to come and meet us in person and ask questions, hear more details of our lives here, and find out how you can get involved with Heart for Africa and the 200 children who call Project Canaan “home”. Please check out the locations and dates below and be sure to share this blog far and wide so that we can fill these events to the brim. There is much to say – hopefully much can be shared in October.

Please come and help us bring HOPE to a nation.

Celebrate HOPE Dinner – Minooka, Illinois - Friday, October 12th

Celebrate HOPE Dinner – Vancouver, BC – Saturday, October 20th

Heart for Africa Golf Tournament – Atlanta, GA
Celebrate Hope Dinner – Atlanta, GA – Thursday, October 25th

Live from Swaziland … time to go get a baby boy.


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