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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Building an ark

It is often said that we have built an ark here on Project Canaan, and as the waves of disease and poverty wash over the land there are 191 children who are safely on the ark.  We believe that those children will be a part of the remnant who will be the future leaders of the Kingdom.

We all know the story of Noah’s Ark and that the animals entered the “two by two” – we sing that with our children weekly. I must add at this time that it makes me smile that we have nine sets of twins and an additional seven sets of siblings, who came to us “two by two. 

Today I am writing to tell you about another kind of ark – one that has been custom designed at Khutsala Artisans and is being produced in the months to come.  The entire 13 piece set is made purely of wire and glass beads and it is stunningly beautiful. The question is … would anyone want to buy a Noah’s Ark Set that is made in Swaziland/eSwatini, Africa?

It took two full months to develop and perfect the animals and the ark, and we are working on making 100 sets that will arrive in the US in early September, but we think we can push and make 200 sets IF we know that people will buy them and IF we have them pre-sold.  The ark itself is 15" long x 9" high.

Are you interested in buying an ark, complete with two lions, two giraffes, two elephants, two crocodiles, two flamingos and two doves?  The set is $270 US and comes in a gift box with the label shown below on the front. It is perfect for your children, your grandchildren, a Sunday school class, church or even a VBS. 

While we do not need payment until September, we do need to know if we can sell 100-200 arks.  If you are interested in pre-ordering a handmade Noah’s Ark Set (or many) please go to and you can order and pay for yours today.  If you would simply like to pre-order and then pay in September you cani email me directly at 

Your support not only directly helps us employ 100+ people in our community, but 100% of the profit goes directly back to helping us provide for the 191 children living on Project Canaan.

Please share this blog and let’s get these arks sold!!

Thank you.

Live from Swaziland ... singin' "two by two".


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