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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Loving them back to life.

If you are reading this blog before 9:00AM EST, be sure to go to the Heart for Africa Facebook page at 9:00 AM EST sharp where you will be able to join our LIVE VIDEO feed of the Project Canaan Valentine’s Day party with the Emseni kids (age 3-7).  If you missed it, go to and scroll down to the video.

We typically have Kids Club at 9:00AM Swazi time on Saturday mornings, and each week the children rotate in small groups every 15 minutes through five stations. There is a theme each month and each station supports that theme including; a craft, dance party, physical fitness activity, bible story and bible memory verse.  

The entry door to Emseni 1
Today we moved Kids Club to the afternoon so that our friends and family from abroad (aka YOU) can join us!  Our theme today is “Jesus loves EVERYONE” and we believe that with all our hearts. 

Each February we focus on building monthly support for our children, and we call people who give monthly our “Heart for Africa ANGELS”. It is through our Angel support that we provide everything that each child needs from food to clothing, from vaccinations to medical staff, from 24 hour care to 24-hour love.  We simply can’t provide all that we do without our monthly donors.

I know that some people are critical of how we do things? Do the children REALLY need three meals and two snacks every day?? Do they REALLY need their own birthday cake?  Do they REALLY need such a low child-to-caregiver ratio (1:5 NOT including our full time cooks, cleaners, drivers and nightshift)?  Do the children REALLY need a pop up swimming pool?   My answer is yes. They most certainly do.
Happy 4th birthday TODAY Gabriella!  We love you.
These children have been put into our care and we are the legal guardians. Why shouldn’t they eat well (most arrive severely malnourished), be well cared for (most have been abandoned or abused), have their birth celebrated every year (so they know they are valued) and have a way to COOL DOWN in the Africa heat (no, there is no air conditioning).  For those of you who know Ian and I well, we want to do things with excellent, not half-baked.  And as we continue to serve the Lord in Swaziland, through these children, shouldn’t we do the best that we can do? 

Our theme for Feburary 2018 campaign is “Love 2 Life”.   Our monthly supporters LITERALLY help us to love each and every child back to life. 

If you read this blog regularly, or if this is your first time, please consider giving any size gift monthly to help us be able to continue caring for these children. 

In Canada you can become an ANGEL by clicking here.

In the US you can become an ANGEL by clicking here.

Thank you for helping us loving 179 children back to life.
Live from Swaziland … Happy Valentine’s Day!


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