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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Why do Christians do that?

Wendy turned 2-years-old this week and she is just now starting to walk.  We are encouraged.
This week I had several very disturbing conversations with government officials and Heart for Africa volunteers who told me about people “trash talking” the work that Heart for Africa and Project Canaan is doing in Swaziland. For those of you who English is not your first language, the dictionary definition of “trash talk” is “insulting or boastful speech intended to demoralize, intimidate, or humiliate someone insulting especially an opponent in an athletic contest.” 

We are not in an athletic contest, and they are not speaking these words so that we can hear them, they are doing it behind our backs, spreading rumors that are far from the truth, and criticizing every level of how we are serving God. 

The part that was most disturbing is that these trash talkers are people in Christian Ministry here in Swaziland.  It’s not just one that was reported to me, it was several, and it was people who have never been to Project Canaan, never met us and have never been a part of what we are doing.

Why do Christians do that?  Jealousy?  Pride?  Lack of self-control?  Or they are just plain mean-spirited?

When I told Ian I wanted to write this blog, but didn’t want to sound whiny, he suggested that I confess that I have had to put on my “big girl panties” and realize that people are people, and we are to love them anyway.  But the fact that the garbage is coming from people who profess to be Christians who are also serving in Christian ministry in a foreign land, made it a bit harder for me.

As I was trying to identify the emotion I was feeling I realized that it wasn’t hurt, it wasn’t personal offense, it was purely confusion as to the motive behind such talk.  What’s in it for them? Do they not know that Jesus hears their words, and he sees their hearts? 

The bible tells us to “encourage one another and build each other up”. Let us all try to encourage one another this week, and always.

Live from Swaziland … enjoying a hot Saturday with the Project Canaan kids.



  1. Great post. Perhpaps they are jealous because they are unable to do the great work you are doing and they are from the community. If they poke holes in the work then they alleviate the guilt they feel for not making the same contribution you are making. You are correct though this is behavior that would turn people away from Christianity. These people are acting from their human side not their Godly side. Being a Christian is a label. Acting like a Christian is a whole different concept. God bless you and your family.

  2. Seems some Christian workers or missionaries need a spriritual retreat or some time in their home country to rest and reflect on God’s calling. He calls us to bless others with word and action. I’m praying for those who have said these things and also praying that you will hear what God says about you more loudly than any voice on earth- you are loved, blessed, chosen, created, set apart and He totally delights in you! Love to you all!


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