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Saturday, September 23, 2017

49 children relocated

Ian walking with Simon and Ricardo up to Emseni 1 from the toddler home.
Today was a big day at the Project Canaan Children’s Campus.  49 children moved UP!   Our third Emseni building is now complete (we call it E3) and we moved 26 “big girls” moved out of E1 and up to E3.  That opened up space for 12 toddlers to move from the toddler home up to E1.  That opened up space for 9 babies to move from El Roi to the toddler home.  That opened up space for one baby (Peace) to move from Kuthula Place to El Roi. Whew! That was a lot of movement!

26 big girls moving to Emseni 3
12 toddlers moving up to Emseni 1

9 babies moving to the toddler hom.
Our homes have been chock full for a while and were pushing hard to have the E3 building complete.  Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who gave so generously to build the new home for our big girls.  We now have 89 children living up at the Emseni Campus (23 at E1, 40 at E2, 26 at E3), 37 at the toddler home, 33 at El Roi, and 5 at Kuthula Place.

In last week’s blog I shared that we are very short on monthly funding for our children.  In response we were contacted by a dear friend and supporter (who would like to be anonymous) and she said that she would match up to $15,000 (sponsoring SIX children) for anyone else who would also step up and make a one time gift to help us catch up?  This is a huge answer to prayer for us.  Are there six of you out there who would make a $2,500 gift today? Or perhaps 12 of you who could give $1,250?  Please take action today and help us provide a loving, safe home for a child who has been abandoned or orphaned.
Miriam loves her new house and bed.

To give in the US click here.

To give in  Canada click here.


Live from Swaziland … today is a BIG day at Project Canaan.


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