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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Another break-in and now an assault ... what would you do?

Jere's arm after tacking the robbers.
There has been a rash of break-ins on Project Canaan.  The first major one was last July when thieves broken in to our front office, right under the nose of a sleeping guard (and his defense was the he was asleep!). Six weeks ago our house was broken in to ( ), a month later the VanWinkes house was broken in to (  and this week the thieves escalated their crime to a new level.

On Wednesday night vandals broke in to the Guest House while our dear friends, Jere and Janet Scott, were sleeping.  Janet awoke with the men in their bedroom and when she shouted at them they hit her in the head twice. Jere (who is 84-years-old) jumped up and grabbed one of the robbers, and pulled his ski mask off before they ran out the door with multiple electronics and cash. We are so thankful that they weren’t hurt or killed, and both are strong and more determined than ever to continue serving the Lord here in Swaziland.

Janet's black and blue eye from being hit
Daily we reminded that we are living/working/serving in a third world country.  We are surrounded by hunger, orphan headed households, poverty and lack of education, which is leading to anger, jealousy, a sense of entitlement, but only by a few.  And you know what they say - it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch.  I think there are a few bad apples in our basket.  That being said, there is crime everywhere. Houses are broken in to all the time in Canada and the US, cars are stolen, people are robbed. This is not a third world problem, but it is a very real, ongoing problem for us here.

We have local and regional police involved as well as a private investigator.  We are working on a broader security plan that will need to involve weapons, cameras, better trained security and more fencing.  But I HATE that we have to do this. I HATE that a few young people who are smoking dagga (weed) are giving a nation a bad name. I HATE that by writing this blog and sharing what is happening that some people will no longer want to support Heart for Africa financially or change their plans to come and serve here because they are afraid.  I HATE that there is fear amongst some of our volunteers and fear amongst most of our staff.  And I really HATE that Spencer and Chloe have to be worried and afraid for us a million miles away.

It would be easier (and likely much wiser) for me to stay silent, and not tell you how many calls we now get in the middle of the night from police or investigators asking about this person, reporting an incident that just happened or wondering if we are okay because our dogs have gone crazy barking.

What would you do?

We are weary. We are not sleeping well.  We (I am) are trying to not be intimidated or fearful, but alas, we are along way from home, and at times feel very isolated and alone.

I can certainly see why so many people have just packed up and moved home after trying to help in Africa. I can also see why donors are skeptical and don’t want to support ministries in Africa. I GET IT. 

But we will not be leaving.  We will endure.  We will continue to pray for wisdom, and strength and endurance and financial support and protection as we continue to love and care for 162 precious children who GOD himself has entrusted us with.  HE IS our protector and HE HAS won the battle. 

This is how Jonathan sleeps, with one leg crossed the other - he is why we must not be afraid.

This is Bonita's 2nd birthday - she is why we must not be deterred.
Thank you all for your many words of encouragement, your prayers and your love.  If you feel that you want to help us financially as we incur more costs to further secure our volunteers and children, I thank you in advance for that too.

In the US click here.

Thank you.

Live from Swaziland … it is Saturday morning.


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