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Saturday, May 28, 2016

840 pairs of pajamas???

They used to be "footie pajamas", but Lolo has outgrown them.
Think of 120 children wearing a clean pair of pajamas every night for one week.  That’s 840 pairs of  jammies, and that is what we need your help with TODAY.

Winter is upon us, which means it’s 50F at night and 75F during the day.  But to our African friends, its really really cold.  They bundle up in big winter coats, wool hats, scarves and often, knit gloves if they have them.  We Canadians walk around in short –sleeve shirts, and don’t feel cold until it’s around 65F (yep, its true).  But it is cold at night for our children because none of our buildings have heat (or air conditioning in the summer), so we need help. 

Even Isaiah is outgrowing his pj's. That's a good sign!
The container is getting ready to ship out of Georgia and with the help of more than 300 people shopping on Amazon we have 100,000 diapers and pallets loads of wipes ready to ship.  In addition we have had 6,000+ brand new towels donated (that will be wonderful for community distribution) and a myriad of other much needed items.

What we need now are pajamas.  We do have enough (from the Amazon Baby Registry) for our newborns to age 18-months, but we really need help for 18-months to 6-years. 

Lenah and Lolo love their warm pajamas on a cold Saturday morning.
Two of my friends from University days (Lisa Salerno and Sheila Stogstil) decided to set up a registry just for PJ’s and so far they have received 60 pairs.  Another friend (Kristen Ortiz) went bargain shopping at Kohl’s and for $250 purchased 56 pairs of winter jammies from their sales racks.  The goal is to get 700 pairs of pajamas to GA to go in to the container, and they can be summer or winter pajamas.

Would you consider shopping today?  You can easily get to Lisa and Sheila’s Heart for Africa Pajama registry by just clicking here.  Then choose the shipping address of Scapes Landscaping.

OR if you live in the US you could go shopping at your favorite store and ship them to:

Pete/Julie Wilkerson
5115 Old Ellis Pointe
Roswell GA 30076

OR if you live in Canada you can shop and send them to:

Fraser/Leslie Wilkinson
368 Hoover Park Drive
Stouffville, Ontario

Yesterday I picked up baby #120.  A little 7-week-old baby girl who was dumped in the forest.  I found myself suddenly overwhelmed (again) by the size of the responsibility that the Lord has laid on us, but then I was immediately reminded that HE is the father to the fatherless and He must and will provide for His children.

Baby Emma

Will you be a part of His hands of provision today?

Thank you for buying pajamas for our children.

Live from Swaziland … praying for 700 pairs of pajamas.


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