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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Let me try to clarify...

 On February 1st we kicked off a Campaign called #hopewins and if you follow us on any Social Media platform may have read the daily, short and sweet stories, from five friends of Heart for Africa. Every day in February we will post a new one, and they are all beautifully written by people all over the world.

Part of our goal in sharing these stories of HOPE with you is to show you how individuals have been impacted by the children who live at Project Canaan.  And, to be perfectly transparent, we need your help to provide excellent care for these children by becoming a monthly donor or as we prefer to call you, a Heart for Africa ANGEL.

So how does that work?  Many of us have sponsored children in the past where you go to the website, click on a photo of a child, read their stories and then give $30/month to support that child.  When people hear that our children require $225 per month the natural question is “Why does it cost so much to sponsor a Heart for Africa child when I can sponsor a child at XYZ Ministry for $30?”   The good news is that you CAN sponsor a child at Heart for Africa for $30/month, but that $30 won’t provide them with enough food or care to survive for a month.   We will take your $30 and combine it with other ANGEL’S monthly giving to provide properly for that child.

On Wednesday, Baby Micah arrived.  He was born on November 5, 2015 and his mother died from HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis.  He is being treated for HIV and TB, which also requires special medical care and food. That can’t be done on $1.00 US per day.

Newest baby Micah. We are not supposed to show the child's face, hence the block out.
You see, our children live here 24 hours per-day, 7-days a week and Ian and I are legal guardians over (all 107) them until they are adults or finish High School.  Did you know that the average cost to raise a child under the age of two in the US is $600 per month (and that does NOT include paying Mom, heat, hydro or the house the child lives in).

The $225/month includes diapers (we change 500 every day), formula (often specialized for children who are severely malnourished or have absorption issues), healthy food, clothing, full time Care-gives and Night Shift Care-givers for children under the age of 18-months.  So, when you give monthly and become a Heart for Africa ANGEL you are providing funding for the entire home that then allows us to accept another baby who has been dumped, abandoned, burned or orphaned.

Another challenge that we have is providing privacy and holding each child’s horrific story to be confidential (not accessible by media or unsavory people).  We have a commitment to our children, and to the government who has entrusted us with them, to not publicly post their private stories.  But here is the good news, if you choose to become and ANGEL, you can go ahead and choose a child from the website who YOU are committed to praying for and supporting. Then just send us a quick email at and tell us which child is special to you. We will be sure to send you photos and a short, confidential biography, of that little one. 

Since we kicked off the #hopewins campaign we have had ELEVEN children fully sponsored and that is helping us to catch up from falling behind in monthly funding. We are praying that over the next few weeks that each and every child will have someone praying for them, and supporting them financially.  In fact, I hope we have extra monthly funds because I know there are more babies coming, and we never want to have to say “no”.

Want to become an Angel now?

In the US click here.

Live from Swaziland … just woke up from a 13-hour sleep after a whirlwind trip to the US.


PS - Next week’s blog is one that you will NOT want to miss!  It might just blow your mind.

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