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Saturday, September 6, 2014

If you're going to read this, are you going to do something?

This is Baby Eve so we are calling this our Christmas Eve photo.
  I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support the came from so many of you readers after hearing about Nomsa’s death.  Contrary to her personal desire to be buried here at Project Canaan, she was buried early this morning by her family at an empty homestead.  The family believes that is the only way she will meet her ancestors in the afterlife so she had to be buried there.  Next Saturday we will have a memorial service at the chapel and honor her and to pray for the other patients who are still dying of this horrific disease.  After that I plan to go away for a couple of days with Ian and mourn.  I haven’t been able to start that process yet.

I know that many of you have also asked the question, “What can I do to help”?  Well, I have an answer.  You can help us to care for Nomsa’s twin girls, Rachel and Leah simply by doing some early Christmas shopping.  Please don’t stop reading – today is the day to take a small step of action that can have a BIG impact on these children. 

Leah and Rachel Christmas 2013
The Khutsala Artisans here on Project Canaan have been busy making beautiful Christmas tree ornaments since January 2014.  We have been able to employ 24 women and men all year so that they could hand make 3,000 ornaments and our goal is to sell all of those ornaments in the month of September.  Each ornament is only $10 US and it’s a perfect Christmas gift, easy to put in an envelop and mail and 100% of the profit comes back to providing for our babies, including Leah and Rachel. 

Here is what I am asking EACH and EVERY one of you who is reading this blog.  PLEASE go and order TWO (or more) ornaments today.  You can get last year’s Christmas Angel or this year’s Christmas tree and they will be in the mail to you in the next two weeks from our office in Georgia.  It’s as easy as clicking here. 

Last week 1,150+ people read my blog about Nomsa, but on average 500+ people read my blog every Saturday morning.  Many of you tell me it's part of your Saturday morning routine, and that warms my heart.  Now, if all 500 of you readers bought only two ornaments (and I know some of you will buy more) we can generate close to $10,000 this weekend.  That’s real money.  We spend approximately $1,000 US on Baby Formula alone every month.  If we can sell 1,000 ornaments in the next couple of days we will have the funds to buy Baby Formula for 10 months.  And you would be a part of that.  Then we only have 2,000 more to sell. 

It’s that easy.

I thank you for being a regular reader and for sharing these stories with others.  Now I am asking for your help to take action and share these beautiful handmade ornaments with all of your friends and family. Together we really can make a difference.  Please don't make me beg :)

Live from Swaziland … thank you for starting your Christmas shopping today.


PS – I am told we are getting another baby girl next week. Stay tuned for details.

In case you missed the "click here" you can click on this link:

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