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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Top 10 things my Mom taught me while I was growing up.

Family photo 2005 

Mothers all over the world are being honored tomorrow (Sunday, May 11th) for Mother’s Day and I want to honor my Mother who is living at a nursing home in Guelph, Ontario.  I got to see her last week during a short trip to Canada, and I am so happy that we were able to spend a day together. I am who I am because of her faith, her drive, her determination and her prayers for me.  This blog is for you mom.

Here are 10 things that my Mom taught me when I was growing up in Matheson:

10.   Lying is never worth it and you will always get caught (!).
9.     Peanut butter and tomato is a great sandwich combination
8.     The best way to clean a dead partridge is to put it on its back, stand on its wings and pull its legs out.
7.     Go to the Symphony as often as you are able.
6.     Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.
5.     Always finish your antibiotics.
4.     An adopted child is loved just as much as a biological child (and I know that for sure having been adopted and now having 53 little ones who I call my own!)
3.      Trust is freely given, but very costly to lose.
2.      The answer “no” is just a cry for more information.
1.      Don’t eat yellow snow.

Thank you Mom for all you taught me. I miss you and love you.

Live from Swaziland … I am blessed.


PS – if you haven’t bought your mom a Mother’s Day gift I have the PERFECT idea!  Buy your Mom a Block for the next Children's Home on Project Canaan.  In the US you can click here.  In Canada click here.

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