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Saturday, February 2, 2013

What is Chloe really thinking?



We have been learning Japanese all week and I wanted to practice my written Japanese for this blog.  That first paragraph really took a lot of work so I will switch back to English now. *

I asked Chloe to help me with this week’s blog since we have been together 24/7 for the past two weeks.  She said I could ask her questions and give her answers about the past few weeks so I hope you all enjoy her candidness and her heart. 

Janine:  Chloe, what was the best part of your first trip to Asia?

Chloe:  I loved meeting all the people at the Morrison Academy in Taichung, Taiwan.  I felt that God was there with me and that all my 16-year old doubts about the school and the situation got checked off as the days past.  I met people who were so different from anyone I have met before and I felt that I finally fit in somewhere, but could still be my unique self.    I love that I have met people who are like me and now I understand that I am a TCK and what that means.

Janine:  What is a TCK?

Chloe:  TCK is a “Third Culture Kid”.  It’s when a kid grows up in one culture and then moves to a whole new culture and goes to school with other kids from other cultures. This creates a third culture that brings everyone together and creates a new perspective or mindset.  That is the “third culture”. Every TCK understands that each person has gone through similar changes (moving, changing schools, loss of friends, starting over, world being flipped upside down etc).  My new school happens to be a place that brings TCK’s together creating a “home” when describing where “home” is, can be complicated. 

Janine:  Are you nervous about going to school a million miles away from your parents on a foreign continent?

Chloe:  As of right now, my answer is “no”.  I have already made one huge change in my life (moving to Africa) so change seems pretty normal nowadays.  Of course I will miss my parents, as any kid does when they first move away from home, but I am so unbelievably excited about this that it makes moving away much easier.

Janine: What did you think about the second part of your trip – your time in Japan?

Chloe:  Now THAT felt like a completely different planet than Taiwan, and Taiwan felt like a different planet than I had ever been on before.  The coolest part was being able to see my mom’s double life that she has been hiding all this time. The people she was talking about for the past five years were real.  I thought she was kidding when she told me she had to take off her designer boots and put on red rubber slippers when she entered a private High School in Japan… nope.  Dead serious.  But she does like her job, and I am glad she does.  I loved meeting people who are the same age as me, but who speak a different language and still having something in common. 

Janine:  What was the hardest part of your first trip to Asia?

Chloe:  Nothing is written in English.  Nothing. Every sign is in Mandarin or Japanese and we had to rely on others to help us around.

Janine:  Do you have any other thoughts that you would like share with the readers of this blog?

Chloe:  Yes.  Two is better than one.  It is always better to travel with someone than alone.  Traveling with my mom has been an enlightening experience, to say the least. Here are three travel tips that I learned in the past two weeks. 

1.     Sarcasm is a virtue – leverage it.
2.     When you feel like you have screwed up and created an international incident, remember to laugh, it’s better than crying.
3.     Enjoy the adventure - don’t be afraid of trying something new and miss out on something that might change your life.

Thanks for following us on this journey.  We are finishing up the ONE WORLD Festival tomorrow and head back to Swaziland on Monday night.  This has been an amazing trip, but it will be wonderful to be home again. 

Live from Japan… it’s very late on Saturday night.

Chloe and Janine

* If you know how to use google translator you will be able to see how I cheated  :)

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  1. Chloe, you are such a wonderful girl, and I am sure that your new school will be a great experience for you! They are lucky to have you there with your unique perspective.
    Janine, I commend you for being able to let go of your "little bird" and let her fly!
    God bless you both...


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