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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rain, a very sick twin and Ian saves a chicken's life.

This week's blog is written in bullet point format because I am late for a meeting with one of our local Chiefs and need to hop in the car, so here it goes:

·      Yesterday IT RAINED ALL DAY!!!  First rain we have seen since we moved here and it is not the rainy season, but we did get 1 ¼ hectare of vegetable seedlings planted yesterday and the rain fell from the sky … all day.  Thank you Jesus.

·      One of our new twins took a bad turn yesterday and we ended up rushing him to the hospital on Friday afternoon.  He is three months old and weighs only five pounds.  By the time we arrived at the hospital he was unresponsive.  He was admitted with severe dehydration and malnutrition and an acute intestinal infection.  We are keeping a watchful eye on his twin brother as he struggles to grow and thrive.  We are so thankful for the ladies at El Roi who are fighting and praying to keep these little ones alive.  Praying for complete healing and life for our littlest one.
·      We can’t express how thankful we are to have friends from the International Egg Commission and the American Egg Board with us this week to see how they can partner with us to help address the issues of hunger and malnutrition with the orphans and vulnerable children of this Kingdom.  I am especially thankful for Joanne Ivy and Pam Pierce who went to the hospital with us today with Ishmael and helped provide for the care that he will receive. Again, praying for the miracle of life.

·      On a lighter note, yesterday was the first day that our chickens were allowed out of their cage to walk around the yard.  Yesterday was also the first time that our puppies ever saw chickens. Let’s just say it wasn’t successful for either species.  The chicken lost most of their tail feathers and the Jack Russell (named “Jack”) felt completely ripped off when Ian dove for the chickens and grabbed them by the legs to save their lives.  Let’s just say the entire sight may have been the highlight of my seven years in Swaziland, albeit a little embarrassing with the Chairman of the International Egg Commission and the Chairman of the American Egg Board standing on our patio watching. 

·      Friday night we tried out our BBQ (or “grill” as it is called in the “South” or “Braai” as it is called in Swaziland) and our patio furniture with our dear friends and awesome long term volunteers Jere & Janet Scott, Frank & Jane Taaunau and Mark & Lisa Hackett.  So thankful for each and every one of them.

·      Only FIVE more days until we get to see Spencer and Chloe in Georgia!!  I miss my kids so much.  I also looking forward to (but not on the same level as my children of course) a good hair cut with Missy, Hep A shot with Dr. Paul, Target shopping, dinner with Beth & Elaine, and a pedicure if I can possibly swing it.  Ian also has a dentist and optometrist appointment (this is all in the ONE day we are in Georgia before driving to FSU in Florida).   Thankful that we can do it “all” before driving to Canada to see my mom, Kim and her kids and Ian’s family.

Okay, that’s it for today. I am heading out to meet the Chief, the Indvuna and the Forerunner (there are three Chiefdoms that Project Canaan borders on so this is a Chief we have not met yet) then off to meet with a family of children living with their Grandmother and struggling to survive and of course taking hard boiled eggs with our “egg friends” who are here to serve those in need.  We are thankful.

I hope you all had a good week and that you find these updates hopeful, not hopeless. 

Live from Swaziland, I am determined.



  1. Some exciting times. We have found eggs to almost be the miracle food. They can be used in so many ways and eaten by themselves. Also they are one of the least expensive protein foods here. Sure it is the same there. I helped a group grow layers for a year. Quite and experience. We kept ours in a finced in area with a fenced top because of all the prediators. Have a great trip home. Elaine

  2. Janine,
    We always look forward to these Saturday updates no matter how brief. It keeps me in mind to pray constantly for you and Ian and the work there as well as letting us feel like we're a part of something wonderful God is doing through your ministry. God bless!
    Sandie & Ian Gaunt

  3. save some of your fresh eggs in a cooler for about 10 days before boiling. they peel easier. fresh eggs that are boiled are very difficult to peel also by using an oiled teaspoon, you can slide it between the egg and the shell with the curve side of the spoon facing the egg, and it will help to lift that shell off without taking half of the egg with it. Lessons learned with my own chickens. lol Blessings!

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