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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

365 days and counting ...

At long last the time has come that I can write the words "THE MAXWELL'S ARE MOVING TO AFRICA!"    Since I first stepped on African soil in Zambia April 2003, I have longed to go and live with the people who I came to love so quickly.  Meeting young children who live and die on the streets or those who have been orphaned by AIDS, has changed my life.  Meeting the women who try to care for their own children and those who have been left behind by friends and family has brought me to my knees over and over again.  As a family we have worked tirelessly to serve the Lord while helping those in need, but it is hard to do that from North America.  We have now been released to move to Swaziland and begin a new chapter in the life of the Maxwell family.

Our plan is for Spencer to finish his senior year and Chloe to finish her freshman year at Milton High School.  On June 1, 2012 we will say goodbye to our friends and family in Alpharetta/Milton, Georgia, where our home has been for the past five years.

This blog will allow you to come along on the journey that we are about to begin, only if you would like to. The words and opinions will largely be mine (Janine), but from time to time you will hear from the rest of the family.

Spencer will be sharing his thoughts with you every month on a video blog. You can watch the first episode of "My family is moving where?" here.

Chloe will be sharing her thoughts along the way through facebook so please feel free to "Like" the Maxwell's Moving to Africa on facebook.  You will hear from the rest of us on that page too and we would like to hear from you too.

Once we move to Africa, 365 short days from today, we hope you will continue to follow our adventure as we begin to bring in abandoned babies, work with orphan headed-households in the community around Project Canaan, grow and export tons of food and so much more.  Of course, that will all be dependent on us having electricity, internet access and a few other basics like fresh water.  You see ... the journey REALLY does begin today.

People have asked me when I am going to write my next book.  My answer is that this blog is the next book, and you get to read it as it happens.

We hope that you will join us and invite a friend, if you think they care.  I promise to write from my heart and will try not to offend along the way, but, can't make any promises :)

The 365 day count down, begins!


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  1. SO COOL!! I can't wait to read about and follow with you on this journey ahead! I look forward to your honest reports!
    May God continue to greatly bless your family.


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