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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Nothing is easy here.

Yesterday was a typical day on Project Canaan.  We were up early, Ian took two visitors to see the water project at the top of the mountain while I drove around the farm delivering things that were brought from the US for various departments and people. Then I headed to the front office where I was to meet the 40 ft container at 9:30 AM.  After many phone calls, we were told that the container should already be on Project Canaan. It was not.  Sadly, it was stuck on the bridge to PC, requiring an emergency call to Denis and our JCB to get it up the hill.

By the time we opened the doors it was 12:15 PM, and the temperature hit 98F outside (and approximately 115F inside the container).  We were short staffed, didn’t think to bring drinking water, and three hours later we had hand-bombed the entire 40 foot container.  We were dirty, stinky, dehydrated (although Helen came to our rescue with water about 2.5 hours in to it), but IT WAS LIKE CHRISTMAS DAY! And we had some of our big kids there to help us, which was really amazing to see how hard they worked.

Not only did we receive 131,926 diapers and 398,322 wipes (!), but also bed sheets and mattress covers, beautiful new towels, bicycles, wagons, tricycles, playhouses and a wonderful care package from Spencer (it’s funny the crazy things that we miss, like good saran wrap, SOLID WHITE TUNA and Triscuit crackers).  THANK YOU THANK you to each and everyone one of you who shopped, donated, sorted and packed this container full of love for us and our children, and thanks Spencer for the box of goodies! 

Now to the “nothing is easy” part (not that unloading the container was easy).  This morning Ian and I went down to start to sort out which toys/play sets go to which building.  The very first priority was to assemble the two feeding tables that hold 8 babies at once, thereby getting 16 children up to a table rather than eating in bumble seats on the floor.  Ian and Anthony opened the boxes, and guess what?  The company sent the wrong legs for the tables.  Rather than being a normal table height, the tables are 15” off the ground, not even allowing space for the seats to be inserted! 

WE ARE IN SWAZILAND, AFRICA.  We can’t just call the company and have them send out new metal legs for two tables that we need to feed 16 children.  Sigh. Nothing is easy here. Fortunately we have a carpentry center and welding equipment along with talented people who should be able to help us get the tables to be functional while we sort out how to get the legs to Africa. 

After packing the tables back up we went to see some of the children playing with the new toys. Of course, there is much assembly required for many of them, but the climbing tunnels were popped open and filled with excited toddlers, the assembled wagon was full to the brim and little Jonathan went crazy over his own personal rocking horse (in his TB isolation room). 

I will be posting more photos in the days to come, but wanted to be sure to say thank you today for all of your love and support.

As I write this blog I have the US news on TV.  Please know that we are praying for the people in Texas, we are praying for people in the Caribbean and praying for the people of Florida as Hurricane Irma makes its way to land.  May the Lord protect everyone in its path.  Nothing will be easy there for a long time to come.

Live from Swaziland … we are thankful.


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  1. You've got some pretty good welders there now who can make those table legs any height you'd like! Thanks for hanging in there on the hard days.