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Saturday, July 7, 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words ...

There is an expression that says, "a picture is worth a thousand words" and since the events of this past week have left me a bit speechless right now, I thought I would just post a few fun photos to give you a glimpse in to the lighter side of our lives here.

This first one is Chloe packing up on her ATV with all her overnight things so that she could drive down to the El Roi home for abandoned babies and do the "night shift" (which is 7PM to 7AM) since the team was short staffed.  We were sending her off in the pitch dark with her homework and snacks.

This photo is of our friend Ralph, lying outside our kitchen window on the "pass through" counter, which is outside the really cool windows that pull all the way back. We are always thankful when he comes and volunteers for 6-8 weeks a year. 

Jimmy Wilferth was moving mountains at the El Roi baby home when he tore up the rock that we thought couldn't be moved!

Jimmy and the boys heading to a staff meeting.  Sometimes the tractor is the only vehicle available on the farm and we are so thankful for Rotary International for their wonderful gift!

Garrett, Chris and Reece were moving a small (but really, really heavy) mountain in front of the El Roi baby home.

I never thought I would see Ian and Ralph hanging official photos of His Majesty King Mswati III, the Queen Mother and the Prime Minister of Swaziland, but alas, we are thrilled to hang them at the El Roi home for abandoned babies.

Ralph hanging the Jared Birk plaque and official opening plaque for the baby home.

My  baby turned 16 years old and we are so very thankful for her life.

Funky leggings from Las Vegas - the perfect gift for a 16 year old living in Africa :)

Chloe sharing her hair with favorite "Uncle Ralph".

There are many things that happened this week that I am unable to blog about, but I thought you might enjoy a few photos in place of the truth of the craziness and unpredictability that we experience daily. Thanks for your understanding and support.

Live from Swaziland, it IS Saturday morning, and I am thankful.



  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Remember God is in the midst of all the craziness. God will see you through each day.

  2. Good morning Janine, thank you so much for sharing these pictures. I get up on Saturday mornings looking forward to reading your blog.
    We enjoyed Spencers visit to our home last week when he came by to visit Luke and have a swim in our pool. I of course felt obligated to ask him lots of questions about life in Africa and how the rest of the family was doing. He and Jack Schilling did a great job of answering all my questions!
    Have a great weekend. I continue to remember your family and ministry in my prayers.