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Saturday, April 9, 2016

500 diapers every day and a “Surprise”!

If you want to do a diaper drive in your school, church or community, please contact us at
Each and every day we change an average of 500 diapers.  To answer a popular question - yes we use disposables.  Why? For several reasons: water is very precious here (even when we are not in the worst drought in recorded history) and clothes are not washed with hot water, so with the various skin conditions and illnesses we deal with means that disposable diapers are our best option.

But, disposable diapers (and wipes) are very expensive.  Think about it.  We use 182,500 diapers a year. That’s a lot of … diapers. 

Thanks to our friends at UPS we have a 40 ft shipping container coming to Swaziland from Georgia in June.  We will be shipping lots of things needed for various departments on Project Canaan, but we want to stuff every nook and cranny available with diapers and wipes. 

We have two baby registry’s set up on Amazon – one for US purchases and one for Canadian purchases and today I am asking if you would go shopping on Amazon to buy diapers, wipes or other items that we need for our babies.  It’s an easy way to get involved and if every person who reads my blog every week would shop today, we would fill that container!

Now for the “Surprise”.  We received a new baby yesterday and her name is Surprise!  Her mother left the baby at the Magistrate’s court and ran away.  Hopelessness causes people to do crazy things, and we see “crazy” a lot here.  She is a very happy 7-month-old child, who sadly is HIV positive. 

We have 113 children living at Project Canaan now and we are getting two more little girls (sisters) on Monday.  By Monday we will have received 9 new babies so far this year and we need monthly funding for all of them, but by having people from all over the world purchase diapers, we can help offset the monthly funds that we are lacking.  Every little bit helps, and literally every diapers helps us a lot.

Would you help us today? It will only take a few minutes and it would mean a lot to me personally. 

Live from Swaziland … praying for diapers and wipes (never thought I would be praying for that!).


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  1. Every time I read your heading for the blog I cannot believe it is only been four years since you went to Swaziland. It is absolutely mind-boggling what has been accomplished.