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Saturday, December 28, 2013

10 Things we would NEVER have said living in Georgia or Canada

As I was preparing to write my last blog of the year my friend Beth Blaisdell suggested that I write the “10 things we would NEVER have said living in Georgia or Canada”.  Why?  Because I am always saying things to her that she will stop me and say, “Did you hear what you just said?”.  So as our family hung out together this past week we all started taking note of things we were saying to each other, that we would NEVER had said while living in Georgia or Canada.

I hope you think they are as funny as we do.

10.   “Mom, I saw fire works going off as I flew into Hong Kong from Taiwan - tons of them. Pretty legit, they must have heard I was coming.” –  (Chloe flying to Swaziland from school in Taiwan).
9.     “Welcome home Spencer and Chloe!  Let’s stop and get a photo with your 47 brothers and sisters.”

8.     “Nothando, when Swazi women shake their bums like that do you call it “twerking” here? No, we call it ‘the Get Down’.”

7.     “Note to self – always be sure to wear your snake boots if you are riding an ATV to the top of the mountain.” 

6.     Spencer: Antony this giant spider was on my arm last night. Is it poisonous?                              
Antony:  Oh yes, that little one is poisonous, and if it bites you it will hurt, but not as much as the big ones.”  

5.     Ian: Janine, what are you up to today?                                                                                                   
Me: Well, the kids and I are going to stop by the National TB Hospital to drop off Christmas gift packs and KFC Chicken to all the patients.  Then we are going to visit a home where there are eight children living alone because their parents are in prison.  From there we will drop off cookies at the NICU and Pediatric ward at the hospital in town to thank them for all their help this year, then we will stop and pick up pizza for dinner.  

4.     “What the heck? Is that a crocodile? No, just a giant Monitor Lizard.”
3.     “Spencer since you are driving down to the Baby Home, can you drop off this live chicken please?”

2.     “It is SO HOT HERE!  Do you think it would be awkward to go hang out in the walk in fridge at the Toddler home since we don’t have AIR CONDITIONING?!”
1.    Supervisor:  Mr. Ian, is it okay if we have hookers at the front gate at Project Canaan?                    
 Ian:  You want to have hookers at the front gate?                                                                     
Supervisor: Yes, so people can stop and buy on their way home after work.                                       
 Ian: I don’t think that would be a good thing to promote prostitution at our gate since we are a Ministry here in Swaziland.                                                                                                       
Supervisor:  No not prostitution, they sell snacks and used clothing.                                                   
Ian: OH!  Hawkers!  No, we don’t want them there either.

I pray that in 2014 you find yourself saying things you would never have said before because you said YES to God’s calling on your life. Remember, His plans are better than our plans.  Not always easy or fun, but better.  And laughter helps a lot on the dark days.  That is a gift from Him too.

Happy New Year from the entire Maxwell family.

Live from Swaziland… yes, from Swaziland, Africa!


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  1. Oh Janine - you make the rest of rest seem so boring, :) I love your FB posts and your Blog - it makes me smile every single day. You and your work makes me strive to be a better person and a better mother. Happy New Year to my favorite Rock Star! Keep up the good work!