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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy (early) 50th birthday to me :)

This weekend my wonderful husband of 22 years has whisked me away to the Island of Mauritius to celebrate my 50th birthday (November 19th) with some great friends, Ralph Glass, Mark Klee and Janice & Roy Johnson.  I have struggled with the feelings of guilt being in this beautiful paradise (4.5 hour flight east of Johannesburg in the middle of the Indian Ocean) and no doubt, some will judge us for going away for these few days, even though we have paid for this personally. But I am giving thanks for His provision and love and choose to enjoy this time of rest and fun. 

Mark, Ian, Janine, Roy, Janice Ralph.
I think that my friends would say, “Janine, take the weekend off!  You don't need to write a blog today!”   So to you friends, I thank you. I won’t write a blog today, I will just post a few photos and ask you to celebrate with me as I head in to another decade.  

It is hard to believe that 1,533 people read my blog post last week.  Thank you for reading it and for sharing it with others to help with awareness of what we are dealing with in Swaziland.  I was imagining if everyone who read it last week would give only $6 (the cost of a chicken) to my “birthday wish list” we could raise $4,599 to directly help the children living at Project Canaan.  Would you consider giving $6.00 US today?  Or more?  Thanks for considering it.

Help from US - click here

Help from Canada - click here
Live from Mauritius … it’s Saturday evening and I am thankful.


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