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Saturday, February 4, 2017

What do you do first?

US Staff dinner
Ian and I have been in the US for the past week and I am writing this blog at the Atlanta airport as we prepare to board a plane to Canada.  While many people have wished us well with hopes that we would have a nice relaxing trip, the truth is that there is no relaxing for us.  Here is a quick peak in to a typical trip to North America:

·      Drive five hours from Swaziland to Johannesburg, take 18-hour flight to Atlanta, disembark and drive directly to see Missy Willard for a great hair cut
·      Dentist appointments with the amazing Dr. Mark McGee and team
·      Head straight to dental surgeon to have tooth removed and implant installed
·      Eye doctor appointments with Dr. Nemi (order contact lenses for the next 12 months)
·      All staff meeting (first time that we have ALL been in the same room at the same time)

Staff/Board dinner (missing a few people)
·      US Board of Directors meeting for two days (reviewing 2016 and planning for 2017)

·      “Target” shopping (complete with the overwhelming awareness that there are more items and variety for sale in one store than ALL the stores in Swaziland put together).
·      Eat body weight in Queso with jalapeno peppers
·      Be intentional to eat at as many of the following as possible:  Chipotle, Chik fil A, Vinny’s, Pure Taqueria,  Bagel Boys, PF Changs and squeeze in a Costco hotdog if at all possible (don’t judge).
·      Pull winter coats out of storage (have cleaned and moth repairs done)
·      Pack extra suitcases to the 50 pound mark with goodies to take back to Swaziland when we fly back through Atlanta.

Today we are heading to Toronto, then on to Ottawa to visit Ian’s family, whom we have not seen in two years.  We will attend several events hosted by our Canadian board members, attend some media events, visit with friends in Toronto, and of course the highlight is that we get to see CHLOE!!!

Later in the week we head to Chicago to spend some time with the Ferguson’s and our friends at the Village Christian Church in Minooka, Illinois, old friends Ann and Doug Williams and …. Drum roll please … tickets to see HAMILTON in Chicago!!!!!!! 

I distinctly remember when I was just starting out in my business life (circa 1985) that I was going to know that I had “made it” when I could afford seasons tickets to the Royal Alexander Theatre in Toronto.  I also distinctly remember giving up those seasons tickets when we closed our business and started to work in Africa.

While I have no desire to have seasons tickets anymore, I am more than thankful to have the ability and means to be able to buy tickets to see this show and have a fun night out with Ian. 

Live from Atlanta … heading to the great white north.


PS - thank you Julie and Pete Wilkerson for always welcoming us in to your home when we visit.  You guys are awesome.

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