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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Ian had a bad birthday

September 15th was Ian’s birthday.  It was also babies Robert, Bernice and Moses’ birthday and they all shared a GIANT cake and celebrated with 39 of their brothers and sisters.

September 15th was also my mom’s birthday (baby Bernice was named after my mom because they shared the same birthday), but there was no Skype call or chocolate dipped strawberries delivered this year since she passed away in February.

September 15th should have included cake for Baby Megan, but again, that was not to be as she passed away last month, and was buried on Project Canaan.

Ian’s birthday celebration was an epic fail. It kind of snuck up on me to be perfectly honest.  On September 13th, Ian was letting the big dogs out of their dog pen and two of them (120+ pounds each) ran in to him on the side, dislocated his knee.  He dropped to the ground writhing in pain and then called 911 (me) for help.  Once I found him on the ground (waving his flashlight in the air so I could find him), I called 911 (Kenny VanWinkle) and he came to our rescue and helped Ian get home.

For Ian’s 51st birthday he got to go to the orthopedic surgeon and have 4 oz of blood drained off his knee and a cortisone shot. We did some grocery shopping, picked up KFC (I can’t believe I am even telling you that) for dinner and then I realized that I also forgot to buy him a gift or bake him his favorite Angel food cake.   To make it worse, we were late getting back to the farm and completely missed the birthday celebration with Moses, Bernice and Robert. 

The birthday party was over and even dinner was finished by the time we got back to Project Canaan, but we stopped in to the toddler home to at least give the kids a birthday hug.  Unbeknownst to me our wonderful “Nutrition team” baked Ian a beautiful chocolate birthday cake, in the shape of a heart, and on it was written “Happy birthday Daddy Ian”.  Ohhhhhhh, be still my heart! 

Ian with Moses, Maxwell and Robert.  Bernice was back at the baby home.
Friday was a better “birthday day” and we celebrated with our friends Chris and John, and the Angel Food cake made it to the table. 

I am so thankful for my husband Ian and the man that he has become.  On October 5th we will celebrate 25 years of marriage – what a wild 25 years this has been.

Happy birthday Ian! I love you.

Live from Swaziland … lamb burgers and Angel Food cake for dinner!


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  1. Oh that sounds bad. Anyways, I also hosted birthday bash for my son at the local event venue Atlanta and even he fell off the bounce house and got serious wound which was quite a bad for him. But now he is fine and says he had enjoyed the day with his friends.