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Saturday, April 30, 2016

When you find out it happened to one of your own

I didn’t expect it. 

I know that children of all ages are raped in Swaziland (and many other countries) every day, and in fact fact, I would suggest that it is an epidemic here.  I also know that there is a myth in many sub-Saharan African countries that if you have sex with a virgin, you will be cured of HIV/AIDS.  It is well documented that dozens (if not more) babies are raped every day in South Africa with the hopes of the man being cured of HIV/AIDS. 

But, because so many of our children come to us as newborns (50%) and because our general policy is to only accept children under the age of 12-months, I didn’t expect to have a child who had been sexually assaulted.  I guess one never “expects” such things.

On Wednesday morning I was handed a Doctors report about one of our little girls.  This child was one of our “exception to the rules” and she came to us just after her 2nd birthday.  She had multiple fractures in her arms and two serious breaks in her leg. But it wasn’t until we received the final Doctors report this week that we learned the rest of her truth. She has been sexually assaulted and the scaring is what told the story.  May I repeat that she is only 2-years-old.

Of course I will not be posting a name or a photo of this child.  She will remain faceless to you, but she will no longer remain voiceless.  I contacted the Social Welfare Officer to report the new information and have committed whatever resources are needed to find out who the evil perpetrator is and have them put in prison.  Quickly.

She is our daughter now, ALL of ours, and we will seek and find justice for her.

Meanwhile, we pray that her heart, her body and her mind will heal in this place of safety and that she will quickly come to know her heavenly Father who loves her unconditionally and who will never hurt her. 

Please pray for all the other voiceless children around the world who are suffering today. May El Roi, the God who sees, comfort them in their times of need.

Live from Swaziland … let us cry together on this one.


PS – We believe it is her biological Grandfather who is the abuser.

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