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Saturday, April 16, 2016

What is going on??

This past week we received five new children.  FIVE! 

#1 Surprise -  8-month-old baby girl whose mother dropped her at a court and ran away. She is a tiny little girl who only weighs 12 pounds, but has the smile that lights up a room.

#2 and #3 Mona Lisa and Phayo – two sisters whose mother has Multiple Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis and must go to the National TB hospital for a minimum of 8-months for treatment. We pray that she lives. Both girls weigh the same, even though they are one year apart in age. The older girl is severely malnourished, and arrived with a broken ankle.

#4 Jabez – a 4.5 month old child who weighs only 5.5 pounds (!) and hasn’t had any milk or formula since birth – only thin porridge fed to her by spoon by an old Granny whom he was dumped with after birth.

#5 Regina (Gina) – a ?? month-old baby (maybe 2 or 3 months, but we don’t know) who was abandoned at a hair salon after the mother got her hair braided. (!)

What is going on?

We now have 117 babies who live at Project Canaan and will be there until they finish High School.  We have funding for 95 of these children and pray that the Lord will provide monthly donors to help us give the physical, emotional and spiritual care that each of these children require.

Our Amazon diaper drive is one way that you can help us provide for these new babies, without signing up to give on a monthly basis. One box of diapers and wipes (or 10!) will help us immeasurably.

To date we have received 61,373 diapers through our Baby Registry at and alone.  That will last us approximately 123 days as we change 500 diapers every day (before these 5 arrived).  Thank you to the 162 people who have shopped already.

Would you consider forwarding this email to everyone you know? Would you consider challenging your friends, family, work colleagues and neighbors to help us fill the 40ft container that UPS has donated?  It will leave Georgia in June and we want to fill every last spot available with diapers and wipes. 

Thank you for your support.

Live from South Africa … we are tired and are taking a few days off to rest.


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