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Saturday, May 24, 2014

A bit lighter than last week's post - a new baby and 3 more on the way?

If you didn't read last weeks rant, you should go back and do so if you are interested in topics like fraud and corruption.  For those of you who did read it,  I thought I would give you a treat this week with some photos taken today at the baby home and toddler home.

We got a sweet little baby girl this week whose name is Eunice.  That is the third girl in 11 days who has been sent to by the Social Welfare Department.  There are also three baby boys who we have been contacted about, but their investigations are still pending so we may have a total of six new children in just two weeks.  Eunice is the 56th child to call Project Canaan "home".

Sweet baby Eunice

Chicken for lunch at the Labakhetsiwe Toddler home.

Andrew loves his drumstick.
Eunice has never eaten so well in her life.

Deborah, Ian and Eve

Nathan, Lucy and Peter




Gabriel on a preschool field trip to the farm.  Thank you Amber for the awesome photo!
We are now asking for more people to sign up to be a monthly donor for the children who live on Project Canaan.  We do not have any funding for the next three children. If you can help, please do so today so that we don't have to say "no".

US Monthly donor Angels -
Canadian Monthly donor Angels -

Live from Swaziland ... life is good.


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