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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Soon we won't have room for more babies. Please buy a block today!

Today's blog will be short and sweet as it is Easter weekend and you don't have time to read a long blog from me and I don't want to take the time away from Spencer (eating in our favorite restaurants or shopping at COSTCO) to write a long blog.  So today I will tell you a little bit about a new project that is near and dear to my heart. 

This is the background.

When babies are brought to us by the Social Welfare Department of Swaziland they go and live at the El Roi Baby Home.  When they are old enough to walk, feed themselves (loosely) and are emotionally mature enough, they move to the Labakhetsiwe Toddler home.  When the toddler home is full the "big kids" will start to move up to their "permanent home" at the Emseni Campus. "Emseni" is the siSwati word for "Grace" and we will building one building at a time until there are four buildings housing 40 children each along with their Aunties/Uncles/Caregivers.  There will also be a common kitchen/dining hall called "The Oasis" where all of the children and Auntie/Uncles will eat together.

On average we receive a baby every 14 days.  Almost 50% of them are under one-month old, but some are closer to one-year old (we have a policy of only accepting children under 12-months).  We have 52 children now and if the trend continues we will have 69 children by the end of 2014.   That means we need to start building now so that the new home and dining hall for our "big kids" will be ready no later than February 2015.  And to do that we need your help. 

In order to provide a way for EVERYONE to participate in this new project we have broken down the overall cost of the buildings into $25 increments.  We need 13,500 concrete blocks to build and fully complete both buildings and we are selling each block for $25.

Our "big kids" visiting the new Project Canaan Academy Kindergarten for the first time.

As you prepare to celebrate Easter or Passover with family and friends, or even if you are just enjoying a long weekend, I am asking you to consider buying a concrete block (or many) and becoming a part of this big vision for the future of Swaziland.  Please take a moment to go online and give today by clicking on BUY A BLOCK TODAY and then forward this blog on to anyone you think might want to be involved in a small or big way.

This is Emseni East, which will hold 40 children and Caregivers.
The bottom half is the El Roi & Toddler home Children's Campus.  The top half is the Emseni Campus.

If EVERYONE who reads this blog bought a few blocks we could get these buildings up in no time!  Thank you for reading and taking action today. Again, the link is  OR you can mail a check to:

Heart for Africa
PO Box 758
Cape Girardeau, MO

Live from Alpharetta, Georgia ... I wish you a happy and blessed Easter!


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