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Saturday, March 15, 2014

What does Ian's Google Search History say about him?

It’s Saturday again and the sun is shining. The river has receded and it can be crossed safely again after seven days of being “stuck” on the mountaintop.  Oh, to be stuck with this beautiful view.

The last few blogs have been pretty heavy with heart problems and the death of a baby so I thought I would try to provide some levity this week by sharing with you a little of the “behind the scene” in the life of Janine and Ian Maxwell.

Last week I was called by Social Welfare to rush over to their offices and pick up a one-month old baby whose mother wanted to kill him.  She threatened on three occasions, including in front of the police that she was going to kill the baby so I was asked to take the baby to safety.  Those are not easy days, nor are they quickly forgotten.

After Ian and I got home that day I was about to do a Google search for the Psychiatric Hospital in Swaziland and up popped my Google Search History.  I read back the last 10 Google searches I had done and actually laughed out loud. Then I asked Ian to read his to me.  So here we go – a peek in to the real lives of Janine and Ian Maxwell. 

Ian’s 10 most recent Google Searches:
1.     How to use a milk pasteurizer
2.     How to make cheese
3.     How to make buttermilk
4.     Guy Fiery’s Buffalo Chicken Wing Recipe
5.     How to grow Dragon fruit
6.     Dairy Cow tracking software
7.     How to butcher a cow
8.     How to trap monkeys and wild pigs
9.     How to preserve meat using smoke
10. Tips for potty training toddlers

Janine’s 10 most recent Google Searches:
1.     Who is the Producer of American Idol
2.     Was Benedict Cumberbatch in Amazing Grace
3.     What is Angina
4.     Zucchini muffin recipe
5.     2010 Gold Medal Women’s Hockey winner
6.     Disseminated Tuberculosis
7.     How old is Cher
8.     Right Ventricle infraction
9.     Is whole milk the same as full cream

I think this is a funny and interesting way to look back at what each of us are searching for on the internet.  What does your Google Search History say about you?

A few of the toddlers want to say "hi"!
Well, that’s life in Swaziland.  We are thankful for Google and thankful for you.

Live from Swaziland … we are enjoying the patio view.


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  1. Chad can help with several of Ian's searches. Cheese, buttermilk, butchering a cow...he's your man! Haha.