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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ian's heart update - taking it easy in Swaziland.

Sadie and Sam
Today is a quiet day at Project Canaan.  It has been quiet for the past three weeks since we first thought that Ian had had a heart attack and rushed him in to a hospital in town.  The good news is that it was not a heart attack, but a warning to seek medical attention.   After three weeks of attempting to get a Stress Test done (rivers flooded, Doctors not available etc) he finally got it done this past week. The results were not what we had hoped and he has been diagnose with Ischemic heart disease, (Right Coronary Artery Inferior Wall). We are going to Johannesburg, South Africa on Monday to see a Cardiologist for an Angiogram on Tuesday.

So these days we are laying low, staying still and being quiet while enjoying our new puppies (Sadie, Sam, Georgia and Thai).  We are thankful for so many people have offered to help us through this time of uncertainty and unrest.  Amber and Kenny are helping with our dogs (now 2 adults and 4 puppies) by getting their shots next week and stay with them all at the house.  Anthony came by this morning to help with some gardening and landscaping things we had planned (like planting dwarf-banana trees at our house!). 

I know that many people think that this is a stressful job, but I want to say that we live in a place of peace here on Project Canaan.  Is it easy? No, of course not. But it is not nearly as stressful as our past life in marketing or our time living in Georgia running Heart for Africa US and Canada and we LOVE our calling here in Swaziland.  This is a wonderful place and we give thanks everyday for the view, the peace and the joy that is found here as well as the people we serve with.

The highlight of each week for us is to get on our ATV’s and driving around the whole farm to see all that has happened during that week.  I have attached photos for you to get a glimpse of what we enjoyed seeing this week.  The Kindergarten walls are going up, the banana trees are growing in the field and will bear fruit this year, the land has been cleared for 200 Dragon Fruit plants and we have 6 hectares (12 fields) planted under drip irrigation with Baby zucchini, Patty Pans, Baby Corn and Green Beans.  We have four cows being milked now and another 20+ pregnant cows are on the way in the days ahead.  150+ goats roam the fields and provide meat for our children and some partner churches.  It’s all so awesome there are no words to explain what we feel.

Dragon Fruit field

That being said, we need to get Ian’s “ticker” checked and fixed.  So for now, we rest.

Thank you all for your prayers. Please know that we have total peace about all of this and we know that we are securely in His mighty hands.    This is just a part of the adventure and we look forward to seeing how the Lord uses it for His glory. He wastes nothing.

Live from Swaziland … we are having a lovely quiet day.


PS - as I was writing this I got stung in the forehead by a something that felt like a nail being hammered in to my head. I didn't see the insect, but I think it was the size of a horse based on how my head is aching.  OUCH!

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