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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Live from where? It’s Saturday at what time?

It was only 55 hours ago that I left Chloe at her new school, Morrison Academy, in Taichung, Taiwan.  On Thursday afternoon “Taiwan time” I left Taichung expecting to arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa on Friday morning “South African time” (-6 hours from Taiwan. +6 hours from Georgia). 

I was honored to speak at the first chapel of the year at Morrison Academy and I gave a message that was hopefully in line with this year’s theme, which is “Journey to Joy”.  From there I said my sad/happy goodbyes to Chloe, and then my friend Cynthia drove me to the High Speed Rail to get me to the airport in Taipei.  Apparently a typhoon hit the Philippine Islands and Hong Kong was also getting hit hard, which meant that my flight was delayed.  Long story short, I had a “time of rest” for 24 hours at the airport in Hong Kong, and 52 hours after my journey began, I arrived home in Swaziland with Ian meeting me at the airport. No sign of my luggage, but that’s okay. I am home.

I haven’t slept in days and I don’t even know if I am jetlagged or on “normal time”.  But I know that I am really tired.  The past few weeks have been spiritually, emotionally and physically draining.  I hope to sleep a lot in the next few days and then be refreshed and refueled to do what I am called to do next.

I will say that I am so very proud of Chloe.  Imagine going from Canada to living in the US, then on to Swaziland and now Taiwan?  We know that the Lords hand of protection is on her and we know that she is where she is supposed to be. We miss Chloe and we miss Spencer and that won’t change, but we are so very proud of both of our children.  They have courage that leaves me proud, and unbelievably speechless.

All that to say that today’s blog is short because I don’t even really know what time zone I am posting in ... and I am tired.  But I really appreciate you reading this :)

Live from Swaziland (I think) … it’s Saturday evening ( I think).


PS.  A good news report that I must give is that Benjamin had his colostomy reversed this week and liquids are passing nicely.  This weekend they will introduce solid foods and we hope he will be home with us permanently on Monday.   Benjamin celebrates his second birthday this month and we all know that this little boy has faced more than many people will face in their whole lives. But El Roi , the God who Sees, has been with Benjamin at every step and I am thankful that HE has invited us to be a part of this little boys’ life.  Thank you for your prayers and support for this special child in our lives.

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  1. Please get some good rest this week! You have a lot of work ahead of you. God Bless!