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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Nomsa did not get good news ... and other updates.

 When someone asks you if you want the good news or the bad news first, which do you want? This blog will update you on several people whom I have written about in the past few months and  I will start with the bad news so that I leave you with good news.

Nomsa:  We finally got her tests result back and she is POSITIVE still for Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis.  To make things worse she also has a new type of lung infection called MOWT.  I am in South Africa for a couple of days so I heard this by phone yesterday when the nurse called with the test results. Nomsa is devastated as she was sure that she would be leaving the hospital next week, but now she starts new treatment and according to the doctor it is another 6-8 months in hospital.  She was inconsolable yesterday, but I will head in to visit her tomorrow and bring love (and KFC J).  I will write a full report with more details of MOWT in this Wednesday blog.

Nomsa at her bed in the hospital.

Burned baby:  I have no good news to report on the baby who was burned by his father.  I met with the mother again this week and she is anxious to get back to her other three children who are now living alone.  She lost her job because she has been at the hospital for seven weeks, but at the same time doesn't want to be discharged because she can’t pay her $56 hospital bill.  I assured her that we will help her with the payment when the time comes, but we are still navigating the political waters to try to help this child.  I am hopeful that the situation will be resolved this week and that the child will be moved to a private hospital.

Now for the good news updates!

On Monday we will be receiving a new baby girl!  She is three weeks old and was left with strangers when her mother said she needed to go to the toilet. Imagine that?  “Please hold my baby while I use the toilet” and then the mother disappears. The people took the baby to the police and she is now in the hospital. We will pick her up on Monday.

Yesterday Beth Blaisdell, Elaine Baker and Kim Kennedy arrived in Johannesburg from the US and will be joined by the rest of their team from the US Bank on Monday. These women will be working diligently to assemble furniture and decorate the Sisekelo Preschool in one short week.  I will post photos next week, but I somehow think that this just might be the nicest preschool on the continent J.

Parents who wanted to drop off their babies at Project Canaan:  The little baby in this story is doing really well.  He is on Anti-Retro Viral medication for his HIV/AIDS and his lung infection is gone.  He is at home with his mother and his father is working at Project Canaan and goes home on the weekends.  He is a hard worker and we are thankful to have him on the construction team, which is building the Toddler home.  A great ending to a story, which started very badly.

Baby Deborah:  She is TOO CUTE!  I wish I had a current photo to upload here, but I am in South Africa writing this and don’t have a picture.  She is doing so well and although she is still sleeping in my fathers doll crib she will be moving to a “big girl” bed soon!

Jabu and her twin boys:  Jabu loves working El Roi and the family has settled in well at Project Canaan.  The boys are very active, fun loving and full of life now that they are eating properly (and regularly) and being stimulated with other children at the Farm Managers Building. We are thankful for Jabu’s care for all the babies at El Roi.

14-year old pregnant girl:  She is still pregnant.  Her due date came and went so we know that the doctor (and ultrasound) were correct, it was not the rape that caused her pregnancy.  There had to have been another “incident”.  We expect her baby by the end of May and will still accept him/her at El Roi.  Then we will see how we can help this young girl share with a Social Worker what really happened.

Live from South Africa … I am going shopping with the girls.


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  1. Very sad to hear about Nomsa.....I continue to pray for her daily.
    Praying the 14 year old girl has a safe delivery, and thankful for the new little girl coming on Monday! She is so blessed to have a new home filled with love.